Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation strives to contribute to the body of literature in the field of management in India. The aim is to create an India-based literature in the broad domain of management which can help increase our understanding of ground realities in the field of management and provide input to companies when they make important decisions.

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There is no question that innovation is one of the most powerful ways to drive business growth in today’s challenging economic environment. And innovation is impossible without research. Through the research work program, we hope to provide insights to government, corporations, institutions, and leaders on topics that will help accelerate innovation in the country.

Program Details

Two broad research themes are being taken up by the Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation in 2022-23

  1. Finance
  2. Human Behaviour

For these two research themes, we’re gathering data across countries wherever possible

Research Articles

Meaning of Work and Workplace: Current Realities for the Millennials and Zillennials

Impact of Technology on Banking and Financial Sector

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    “In today’s world, the choice before an organization is not between “change” and “no change”, but between managing the change and being managed by events.”

    Dr. Pritam Singh