The PRISM Foundation strives to contribute to the body of literature in the field of management in India. The aim is to create an India based literature in the broad domain of management which can help increase our understanding of ground realities in the field of management and thereby provide input to companies when they make certain decisions.

Corporate Mentoring

We offer a Mentoring program for high potentials enabling them to be future-ready leaders. The Foundation has access to the best corporate leaders across various businesses & functions, and they shall act as mentors to the budding leaders.  

Mentoring for B-Schools

Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation is offering mentoring initiatives to higher educational institutes to help them carry out the momentous task of shaping the country, its youth, and its economy.

Research Work

Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation strives to contribute to the body of literature in the field of management in India through the Research Work program.

“There is some obvious Darwinism in the business world today. For businesses, it is about ‘the survival of the fittest’ and this concept has been prevalent in the business world forever. The relevance of the evolution theory is even more now, given the diminishing life cycle of companies.”

Dr. Pritam Singh