Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation is a registered trust established by friends and well-wishers of Dr. Pritam Singh.

It has been founded to take forward the legacy and life lessons of Dr. Pritam Singh. The trustees include Mr. P Dwarakanath (Former Chairman, GSK), Mr. S Y Siddiqui (Executive Advisor, Maruti Suzuki), Dr. H Chaturvedi (Director, BIMTECH), Dr. Asha Bhandarker (Former Professor Of Organizational Behavior, Imi Delhi) and Dr. B A Metri (Director, IIM Nagpur). In addition, it has a very distinguished Advisory Body.

The flagship initiative of the foundation has been the annual conference first conducted 17-19th November 2021, in partnership with the Jindal Global University. The foundation has conducted 5 round tables and one book launch (Role of Boards- Building Sustainable Competitive Edge) so far. It has recently launched a Mentoring initiative for emerging leaders from the corporate sector. The foundation also conducted the annual competitions for Young Leaders, for Faculty and for Management students in Nov 2021. 

Our Vision

We groom and mentor leaders in academia and industry with an inclusive humanistic approach and focus on leadership that drives change and transformation.

We promote knowledge creation, dissemination, and application in management education by blending age-old Indian wisdom and current Western knowledge and practices.

We aim to assist institutions to adopt a humanistic, value based and inclusive approach.

Aims and Objectives

We aim to build a body of knowledge and facilitate management practices in the corporate sector, based on the integration of Indian ethos with Global wisdom.


To build future leaders and institutions, Dr Pritam Singh Foundation proposes to work with academia & management schools on contemporary content, capabilities, and change aligned to the new business order. We recognize & motivate excellence in Research, Institution Building & Leadership by disseminating the knowledge and wisdom that Dr. Singh ceaselessly propagated through training, research, and consulting. 


We will conduct Capacity-Development-Workshops for educational institutions, management schools & training institutions. Our team proposes to assist Higher-Educational institutions in accreditations and international collaborations. We conduct annual conferences, organize special lectures, seminars, and workshops as well as encourage and promote research.   


We aim to recognize and honour outstanding leaders & institution-builders in both academia and industry, and Indian researchers contributing through their writing and publishing to the body of knowledge on Indian management. We also honour eminent leaders and invite them to be fellows of the Foundation. 

Our Values

We Propagate High Integrity & Ethical Governance

We Promote Diversity & Inclusion

We Sensitize managers to adopt management practices which focus on both Profit and Sustainability of organizations

“In today’s world, the choice before an organization is not between “change” and “no change”, but between managing the change and being managed by events.”

Dr. Pritam Singh