Inspired by Dr Pritam Singh, who championed the cause of improving the quality of higher educational institutes in the country, the Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation is offering mentoring initiatives to higher educational institutes to help them carry out the momentous task of shaping the country, its youth, and its economy.

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Higher education helps in knowledge creation and human resource development needed for a country’s progress. It drives the economy in a knowledge-based society and fuels innovation-based growth in a globalized world. India, with its large network of educational networks, is no exception. With the transformation from an agriculture-based economy to a knowledge-based era, the competitiveness and growth of a nation will depend on the role played by higher education institutes.

Program Details

Numerous studies have pointed towards the quality of faculty, ineffective leadership, and poor standards of governance in India’s higher educational institutes as the root cause of ineffective performance of the higher educational institutes. To quell this, the Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation is offering the following mentoring initiatives to higher educational institutes:


  • Curriculum Development & Vetting Workshop

    The objective of the workshop is to help Higher Educational institutes develop industry relevant curriculum.

  • Faculty Immersion

    The foundation is also considering helping institutes with faculty immersion, wherein certain faculty may be sent on lien to industry to work on time bound projects.

Mentoring for B-Schools Brochure

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    “An idea or vision sans action is of no use. It takes committed action to convert vision into tangible realities.”

    Dr. Pritam Singh