Building on the legacy of Padma Shri Dr. Pritam Singh, the Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation is set to offer a cutting-edge Advanced Leadership Program (ALP). Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation believes that to win corporate war, leaders must combine Himalayan vision with an oceanic depth. In this endeavour, Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation’s 6-day ALP will unleash the potential of experienced leaders.

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In an increasingly competitive world, India is emerging as a shining star on the global map. Human capital is the biggest driving force behind this transformation. Indian managers are leading several global enterprises and the common thread in their leadership journey is their focus on the larger good and their resolve to make a difference by developing a growth-mindset and being a life long learner.

Program Details

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) will offer its major learnings to a group of top managers from India through a combination of classroom lectures, small group discussions, case discussions, presentations, and applicable exercises with world-class faculty. In addition, the participants will get an opportunity to visit reputed companies overseas. Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) offers interaction with the top management teams of select overseas organizations.

The globally recognized ethos of these organizations offers a work culture that is built on trust, the flow of information, continuous learning, and initiative from top to bottom. Such a collectivist culture promotes teamwork leading to high productivity and aligning individual goals with the organizational goals.

Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) Brochure

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    “In today’s world, the choice before an organization is not between “change” and “no change”, but between managing the change and being managed by events.”

    Dr. Pritam Singh