Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation aims to serve both the corporate sector and academia using the rich and diverse experience of the core team. This includes building future leaders, supporting various institution-building initiatives in both industry and academia, promoting knowledge creation, and recognizing the contribution of leaders.

Programs & Initiatives

Our programs and initiatives have been designed to help you navigate the crests and troughs of leadership.

Events & Publications

Our curated events are inclusive in nature and witness the best of minds coming together to address the key contemporary challenges

17th - 19th Nov, 2022
2nd Pritam Singh Memorial Conference

The 2nd Pritam Singh Memorial Conference on Leading the business of the future: Talent, Technology and Transformaon in a changing world.

17th - 19th Nov, 2021
1st Pritam Singh Memorial Conference

The 1st Pritam Singh Memorial Conference on Architecting the Future of Business: Leadership, Governance, and Technology.


When you become a member of the Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation, you’re part of an informed group of people working together to make a better world with passionate leaders.

Visionary with the Midas touch

Dr. Pritam Singh was a multifaceted personality, a compelling speaker, scholar, thinker and an academic leader. He was the most well-known turnaround director and management guru in India.

His distinguished services were acknowledged with the prestigious ‘Padma Shri’ in 2004.

“An idea or vision sans action is of no use. It takes committed action to convert vision into tangible realities.”

Dr. Pritam Singh